Christmas List 07

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Just so everyone that is interested can see these in one place, here are all of our Christmas lists. I am going to keep editing this as new requests from the fam come in, so keep posted:

iTunes Gift Certificates
Fleece Pants
Fleece Jacket (Full Zip, no hood)
Cardigan Sweaters (earth tones)
Painting Class at San Diego Art Department

ONE 1 GB Stick DDR2 667 200-pin CL5 (PC2-5300) Laptop Memory (like these)
Wireless Router (ha)
iTunes Gift Certificates
Pants (casual or work please… technically 33W 32L, but 34W 32L is more common)
A Magical “get an engineering degree for free” card

College Fund Donations (529 direct deposit information available)
Clothes (5T)
Dress-up Clothes
And some things she asked for herself: Robot, Star, Fishies (real ones… maybe a gift certificate to a pet store?), and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

College Fund Donations (no direct deposit information available yet)
Baby Toys
Towels (bath)

The Big Lebowski Quiz Results

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According to the “Which Big Lebowski character are you?” quiz:

Why don’t you check it out? Or we cut off your Johnson!