Fun With Termodynamics: Plaster Blaster 8!

Last weekend we went to Plaster City for Plaster Blaster 8. We arrived Friday night and the wind was calm enough that several folks were lighting off their nightime birds (a skidmark motor is amazing at night!). Saturday I qualified NAR level 1 (thanks Howard Smart!) with my PML IO on an Aerotech H 128 W. Iris launched her Estes Baby Bertha on a C-6 motor. My second flight of the IO on the same motor the black powder charge failed to go off and it came in sideways and rolling axially the whole way. Kinda physics defying, actually. I am still confused why it did not nose over! The altimeter showed apogee just under 2400 feet and an impact velocity of 14 mph… but the airframe is still cracked all over and two fins broke free.

The worst part was the sand people. Damn ATV parents and their untethered children… almost ran Iris over once and our tent several times.

Here is a picture of me with my two wrist bands (level 0 and 1)… the mark of an up and comer!


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