Fall 07 Week 10

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Homework overload! I had two chapters of engineering (fluids) homework and one pchem assignment that I had not touched yet, due to Cedar, and they were all “due” on Friday. The engineering assignment was “quizzed” on Friday, and the pchem assignment was due for grading at the beginning of the last lecture. Basically they were due at the same time, because those two classes are back to back. I also had a lab practical final on Wednesday, but that was the least of my concerns.

Engineering was first. Chapter 8 and 9 in this text are murder: internal and external incompressible viscous flows. The topic is vast and generally speaking the most important (in fluids at least) for a chemical engineer, as there are REAL problems. Chapter 8, fifteen problems (ack!) took me three days to complete. Basically screwed me for time.

The lab final was surprisingly simple. We were presented with two circuits, in “black boxes”, and we were to diagnose them using an oscilloscope and LabView. The circuits were either RC or Op-Amp, and in each of those we had to diagnose either low/high pass or inverting/non-inverting, and then state details about each (cutoff frequencies, internal resistances, etc). I got two amps, one inverting and one non-inverting, blew through the calcs fast, and was out of there first. It was definitely a “wait, did I do that right?” kind if weird feeling, but I had reviewed my numbers many times, so I just rolled with it and left.

Back to the engineering homework… I decided to triage the remaining problems in chapter nine (external viscous flow) and do just the ones that might be on the quiz. Since I had work Thursday, I was forced to speed that process up so I could start on my chemistry homework. I got started on the chemistry homework that night after Iris went to bed and managed to finish it at 3 in the morning. A quick nap and I was back at school (soaking wet from biking in the rain by the way). Turned in my chemistry homework and ditched to cram for the engineering quiz. The quiz ended up being very simple, hooray! I was back at home, drying my wet toes off, by lunch.

Nothing but finals left from here!

Fall 07 Weeks seven through 9

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Again, I am being bad with this. Can you appreciate that it is hard to have kids and keep up with engineering school now?

Week seven was absolute hell. Monday was a holiday, but I spent it cramming for my fluids midterm. Fluids midterm was hell. There was a question where you had to remember (or derive from the definition of acceleration) the range equation from standard mechanics. Of course a lab was due the day after… all the time Liz was keeping me awake at home. I was averaging about four hours sleep through this period. AVERAGING.

The rest of seven and into week eight was recovery. Yes, a lab was due, and I was uber diligent about getting it off my plate as Liz was rapidly approaching her due date. Wednesday I also got my grade for my fluids midterm, which was abysmal again (just sub-one-standard-deviation). I talked to him to see if I could get a regrade, which precipitated a stern lecture about what should be memorized and what he expects us to just “know”. I brought up the range equation, the problem for which he gave me five points out of twenty five, and showed him that I was attempting to derive the equation from the definition of acceleration… and that I wrote out the steps required to solve the problem from there, and he agreed to give me ten more points. And then lectured me for another ten minutes. At one point he asked me what I learned in high school calculus… I had to point out that I did not take calculus one until I was 30. I reminded him again that I was an “alternative student”… he took some sympathy…

I got loaded when I got home, three TnT’s. Of course, we all know what happened round about midnight. Timing on Cedar’s birth could not have been any better! And he could not have been any more perfect!

Week nine was recovery from the birth. Our final lab in MAE 170 was a doooozy. We spent over thirty hours on the data analysis alone. Our report was total crap, but talking to others it seems that was the average.

Nothing but finals left from here!