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We are still here in the hospital, just moved to the postpartum area. Everything is going just fine, and Liz is doing so well that we might be out of here later this afternoon. Thanks to everyone that came by (Phyllis, Dave, Chris, Mike, Joanne, Mary, and of course Iris). We appreciate the company, and of course, the turkey! WE MISSED THANKSGIVING!

I posted more pictures from last night and this morning in our pictures section. Check them out!

I was curious too, and wanted to know how often these rare “early” thanksgivings are, and it appears that they happen every five years. I know for a fact that the next “Thanksgiving/Birthday” for us will be in five years. But I have not found a good algorithm for determining the date of Thanksgiving yet, just what appears to be a bunch of people with calendars that go out several years opening them up and looking… I will try to research the problem more and let everyone know more!


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We want everyone to welcome Cedar Davis Drake. He born at 1:53 PM, and was 8lb 4.6oz .

Cedar and Mom, Seconds Old

Final Stretch

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The nurse said it is a matter of minutes before the final go. Liz is resting up.

Liz in the Last Hours of Birth

Birth moving along

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Things are progressing. Liz’s water was broken by the doc, so we are waiting for a change now.

Getting Ready for Birth

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Liz is here undelivered, 7 to 8 cm dilated. Water still not broken.

Liz in the Delivery Room