New Pictures Posted

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Ok, we have both been bad. I know that we STILL do not have pictures up for Iris’ birthday, but at least I was able to get the pictures up for the rest of the summer (save the summer trip… that is another thing I have to do… oh and haloween…).

So, check them out!

Been a Bad Student

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Ok, so you might notice that I never posted what happened with my statistics final last quarter. Well, it was kind of shocking, but I failed my first class. Yup. Straight up bombed that exam. Got a D in the class, which together with the other two classes (A’s in both) brought my GPA down to BARELY above the 3.0 cutoff for my scholarships and grants.

I have had close calls before (Calculus 2 with Teegarden specifically). But never actually gone this far.

Overall I am still in shock, kind of like how when you get in a car accident you start to doubt your ability to drive safely. It has affected me this quarter as well: I have the exam heebie-jeebies now. My last midterm (fluid dynamics) I totally locked up on, stopped functioning logically, couldn’t recall the simplest of derivations… sad.

Hopefully I get over it, because for the next two weeks (thanks to the fire and missing a week of class) I have nonstop tests: two midterms on Monday, a quiz that Friday, and another fluids midterm the following Tuesday.

And with that, hopefully I can find the time to keep up with this journal thing.

My Face… Hahaha

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Sure, Bob Dylan… but Victor Hugo? WTF?