Spring 07 Week 3

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Week three came and went like the other weeks-three so far. Inordinately easy in most respects.

Except in my lab. Of course, the TA showed up twenty minutes late for class on Tuesday. This meant no pre-lab quiz. It also meant I was shaking like a leaf by the time we were getting experiment two underway: a liquid-liquid extraction of three unknowns. Part A of the experiment was a determination of a distribution constant between a polar and apolar layer (mTBE and water in this case)… and of course, an hour and ten minutes before the end of class (and literally the last liquid transfer of the experiment) I spill my ether layer. It took me the last hour of class to catch up. Thursday lab was me getting caught up from that mistake, but this time I was UBER careful around the test tubes and vials.

Statistics is starting to get conceptually challenging. Statistical dependence. It’s a big topic, I will not get into it. The TA pulled more hijinx this time too. He announced before class (after I had asked the professor about the partition theorem and how it applies in his class, and he said the TA was “on something”)… he announced that he was going to reexplain the partition theorem since “some people complained to the teacher”. “Some people” being me of course. Look, I know you are a super-smart dude, but give us a break and teach to the professor’s standards. Thanks.


History class finally became more history-like last week. She tried to bring in cubism and meterless poetry into the whole discussion of relativity. Interesting at least. Her lectures are quite good, I have to say. And she is the first professor that I have had who has a Wikipedia page for chrissakes.

More later, midterm this week.

Spring 07 Week Two

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I managed to bust out another rad website, this time for the UCSD ACSSA (I am their webmaster). Check it out here.

Monday I was just getting started with my homework (mostly sitting in front of the computer trying to make brain cells work with some coffee) when I got an email from this guy that claimed he was CEO of General Atomics, looking for an intern. Well, it turned out he was CEO of GA Electronic Systems, and I agreed to come in for an interview. So no homework! I took a tour of the plant (they make secret stuff) and interviewed with two of his managers: one in IT and one in R&D. Obviously, I am UBER qualified to work in their IT department, but I was really gunning for the job in R&D. It was fun to interview, regardless. Interviewing is fun.

My lab this week was experiment one: a purification by recrystallization. I really wanted to get it over with Tuesday, as I did not want to come in on Friday to weigh my final extracted solid (it takes overnight to do a complete dessication). I was a ninja (or just stupid lucky) and finished it all up and got it into the dessicator in one session. YAY!

History was mildly interesting. Mostly because my prof was trying to dumb down relativity to the point that a history major could digest it. It was amusing for that.

Statistics… ha. I thought I had chapter one down pat, but then the TA comes in with this problem and starts in: “You have m urns and n baseballs. There are less than or equal number of baseballs to urns. An urn can hold zero or n balls. What is the probability that an urn will contain a ball?” Ok, so my brain hurt already. Any statistics problem with variables in it makes my brain hurt. But then he starts busting out partition theorem nonsense (poorly explained)… and then I just stop listening because I realize that everyone else in the room stopped listening too.

So there.

Yep, I Lived There

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