Backpacking: Mazatzal Wilderness (and other fun stuff)

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Finally, I get to finish writing about this trip! Like I said before, you can see the whole photo set here.

Our plan was to do the Barnhardt Trail in the Mazatzal Wilderness just north-east of Phoenix. We wanted to stay two nights, spend a day up top with Iris and have some fun, and come back down Monday to leave for home.

I wanted to get us there with plenty of time to get up the 6.5 mile trail to Chilson Camp. Iris has some short legs, so I was budgeting for about one mile per hour, so six to seven hours of hiking. If the sun goes down at 5, that means get on the trail by 10AM… so I wanted to be hiking by 9 (for safety). You do not need permits for this hike, so we just needed to get there. The drive to the trailhead was six and a half hours, so we set the alarm for one in the morning, got some sleep, got some coffee and left.

The drive out the 8 was madness until we got down to Yuma: super strong winds kicking up pebbles, thrashing the car all over the road. Liz kept waking up going “What’s hitting the car?!?”. Yes hon, you want to drive?

Etc Etc etc… we got to the road to the trailhead and drove up. We could tell that if it was really wet, there was almost no way you were getting a low-clearance vehicle out. This gave me pause as I remembered the weather report (rain or snow). We got to the trailhead and were alone, save for the two trucks parked to the south side. I left the car with a good downhill stab at the road (in case it was snowed in) and we got started.

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Winter 07 Weeks 6 and 7

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Ouch, been busy I guess. Totally forgot to write up week six!

Week six was mostly put on cruise control. Liz and I had alot of preparation to do for the backpacking trip. I had another load of homework due on Friday, and as it happens, my math homework did not even get started let alone done (because I was up all friday night finishing my engineering homework). I also wrote off completing any of the early-due-date REU (undergraduate research) applications, two of which were due this week. About those: really I do not have any good references. I know some professors, but experience with this has taught me that a so-so reference is as bad as no reference. I have no real strong connections with my professors. Whatever. By Friday afternoon I was already hiking in my mind, my body was just not on the trail yet.

Week seven was short but a big catch-up week, and Liz and I getting ready for the in-laws to come again. Once again, I had an ass load of engineering and math homework due on Friday. I tried to get the math set done, but this one engineering problem had me working for hours on end. Grrrr. I registered for spring classes: o-chem lab, engineering statistics, and the history of science. Should be fun. Not. Dave and Phyllis (in-laws) showed up just after classes were registered for. Up till midnight finishing homework on Friday (again). See a pattern?

Backpacking trip… etc

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We are back, safe. No getting lost in the wilderness here. If you want to see some pictures, click here.

I am not quite ready to write up a full description, but the condensed version goes like this: hike in, sleep well, wake up to clouds and warmth, leave because you do not want to get stuck in mud a mile from the highway, spend the night in Flagstaff, go to the Grand Canyon, and go home.

Updated weekend plans

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Regardless of the iffy weather, we are headed to the mountains in Arizona this weekend.

In case we do not return and you have to send in the rangers (HA!) we are headed for the Barnhardt Trail in the Mazatzal wilderness. We hike in on Saturday morning (starting at 9AM) and will stay at Chilson Camp for two nights, hiking back Monday morning.

The weather forecast is for snow Sunday night or Monday morning or Monday or Monday night… gotta love living on the west coast! The forecasts are more “cast” than “fore”… :) We may be snowed in for an extra day, but that is no biggie, we have enough provisions for an extra day or three.

Again, pictures will be posted when we get back!

This weekend

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We will be going somewhere in Arizona this weekend for a backpacking trip. We are not 100% sure where we are headed yet, probably somewhere around Sedona. I hope to have pictures up by next Tuesday morning. Check in then!