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Still alot going on here that is not settled. I was finally accepted at UCSD (officially). They were not able to place me in the Chemical Engineering program, so I am in my second (close second) choice Chemical Physics. The only big change is I will be in the lab alot more. It is good and bad. Good because there will be less time in boring lectures. Good because it is good preparation for research, which is what I really want to do. Bad because labs are alot more work than lectures. But it is all good. If you know what I mean.

We are also trying to plan basics for this summer. We want to do a road trip, but neither of us have time to do any planning at all.

No, I do not know about my scholarship yet. I do not know what my financial aid situation is yet. I cannot register for classes until the end of summer, because I am a third class student (transfers have to register a month after freshmen, for example). Our MythTV box is still sitting there, waiting for me to configure IPTABLES and DHCPD and figure out the preemptive kernel locks… etc.

And it has been an absolutely shitty week for my investments. I have lost about ten percent overall. I am heavy into small caps, which have taken a beating: ASVI, MPX and RAVN. I love those stocks but it kills me. I even had to do a few sells in Iris’s portfolio… it hurts to hit that ten percent loss limit and have to bite the bullet and just cash out near the bottom. But it is so freaking hard to call the bottom now, with El Presidente acting like a cocky swaggering drunk on evening television, and all the indicators looking down, and Bernanke saying one thing and doing another. Grrrr.

Ok, I have straight examinations from here until June 5th. I really should be getting to that stuff. Speaking of flux… magnetic flux that is :)

Vacation Recollections Part 5

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This is part five in a series of recollections from our summer trip of ‘05. If you care to sit for a spell and get caught up on the series please read the previous installments by using this handy navigator:

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Scholarship!! YAY!!

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I just recieved notification that I have been awarded a scholarship! YAY!

It is one of the ones administered by the San Diego Foundation, a huge NFP down here that administers trusts and stuff. The scholarship I think I have been awarded is the Transfer Students in Math and Science Scholarship, which is a two year award as long as I keep my GPA above a 2.5 (not hard) and stay in a math or science major.

YAY! I am still kind of in shock… more later! Have to get lunch together for Iris and I!


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Besides Iris having a horrible nose cold for the past two days, and me almost getting it too, things seemed to be moving along more smoothly today than past weeks. I finally was able to get sound working from the MythTV box, thanks to this forum post and the helpful folks there. That was huge. Now I am two hours or so of work from being able to start the final configuration of the MythTV core application… YAY! Then I can free myself forever from commercials! I can watch Wonder Showzen whenever I feel like it! YAY!

Have I tracked down Paul yet? No. Ok, so that is not going so well.

Has UCSD let me know I am accepted yet? Ummm… no. Actually, those jerkholes decided that it was OK to let me know “in a few weeks”. Ok, so in a few weeks, you will say “in a few weeks” again? That is also not going too well I guess. Christ, transfer admit day is May 20th, how the hell am I supposed to have a chat with financial aid if they do not give me a fraggin student ID number????!!?!?!?!!?one1!1eleventy!!

Blood pressure returning to normal now.

Ok… baby steps…. baby steps…

Paul M. Briggs

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Ok, here is the deal. I have been trying to track someone down for years now… YEARS. I don’t want to seem like I am stalking him… but… I am now officially stalking him. His name is (was?) Paul Michael Briggs. This is a very common name. Like REALLY common. This makes it hard. But I have tried, every angle I have. None yet has worked (I still have cards to play). He has yet to respond to any emails to any old addresses.

So with this blog post, I hope to elevate the odds of this search. In the hopes that someday you, or someone who knows you, will type your name in some search engine… and find this. Paul, Mr. Paul Briggs. Mr. Paul M. Briggs. If you are reading this now, email me. If you know what happened to him, email me. If you know where the gravestone is, email me.

Paul. The last time I spoke to you, I think I scared you. I told you I was using your name as an alias, and I think you interpreted that to mean that the cops were coming for you soon, and that if you ever tried to buy a house you would be in for a suprise. That was so far from the case. I believe the year was 1996 or 97. Ten years ago, or so. For that, I apologize.

Paul. Remember those silly copper rings we all had in high school? Funny story. I will tell you how mine perished… thrown to the fires of Mt. Doom or something like that. But I will save the details for just you. Ok, you and the other two people involved. Ok, and maybe the wise man that made the rings. But that is it.

Paul. Paul Briggs. I remember painting your leather jacket for you. Remember? “Sieze the Carp”. I even painted the fish for you. I think it even looked like a carp. It was siezed too. With a hand. If you still have that, my daughter would love to see it :(

Do you remember Mike’s Diner? Remember playing cards in there the first time we went, and they said we couldn’t due to some obscure law. Gambling or something. Remember all the freaks we used to meet there? That guy who blew his whole inheritance on a three year drug party? And the coffee journals. If you still have those, I want to see them. Once. One more time. I have maybe three pages.

Do you remember my Dad taking us to the Ren Fest? Remember the blue condom? Remember going to see Rush? We waited all night for those tickets, behind the Hecht’s at Manassas Mall. Together. I think. I blacked some of that night out. But not the concert. No, not the concert.

Paul, email me. We can both laugh about Samuel Adams. Or something resembling laughter, like staccato nervous pensive breathing.

Paul Briggs. Juggler… apparently. I never even got to see you juggle. Can I see you juggle someday? Iris would love to see it. She loves jugglers. I wish you were still leading a juggling club, then it would be so easy to track you down. I wish.

Paul. We both attended Stonewall Jackson SHS. You attended Virginia Tech, I attended the school of hard knocks. Did you graduate? Are you working as an architect? Do you happen to know how many Paul Briggs Architects there are in the world? In the US? How about the east coast? Clue: more than one. Tracking you down is harder than I thought it would be.

Do your parents still live on Latham Drive? I hear things have really changed there in that hood. This is what I hear.

Paul Briggs. Not to be confused with the boxer by the same name. You also are not this person. And you are DEFINITELY not this guy… at least in my minds eye I do not see you as a software consultant.

Ok, I will let these cards fall where they may. Paul, contact me. Please.