What a Week

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Ahhh. Finally Friday. Heck of a week too. Bastet being deathly ill was a big time drain, and ate into the time I normally do homework. Consequently, I was not able to get some things done and others done as well as I like. Oh well. Bastet is slowly recovering. We will see how she turns out, I am skeptical that she will make it another week but I guess we should just take it day by day. She is on a special ultra-low phosphate, low protien diet. I think she might begin to think it tastes like crap, which sucks because she really needs to gain weight if she is going to make it much further. Previously she was on a solid version of the same food, which she seemed excited about until the past six months, when she had trouble keeping it down. The vet also recommended we start saline injections. Liz and I are not sure we are ready for needles and a cat with sharp claws. Whatever happens with her will probably happen over the course of a couple hours, judging by how fast her condition changed last Saturday. Which is a cause of stress for us right now. We could seriously fall asleep with an OK cat and wake up with her dead. Hard to think about.

On to other things though. I have two scholarship notification dates coming up in April, and my final acceptance confirmation from UCSD. Spring break starts next Friday for us, we will be gone for nine days or so. The summer schedule of classes for the SDCCD is released mid-April as well, so I get to see if there are any classes I can take this summer. I still need Physics C and Intro to Differential Equations… we will see if it will even be possible to take one of them. I would prefer both, but I am crazy. No really, I am crazy. That is like ten hours of class five days a week for two months. That does not include homework. Yikes. Lots to think about.


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Ok, I like the Wiggles. But I have to say that Anthony’s sideburns make him look scary. I am thinking of a creature like George Clooney fused with Dave Navarro. Scared yet?

Just sayin.

Bastet Back at home

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Bastet is back home now. She was not happy at the hospital, as you might imagine. She can walk around here and be happy for a while at least. While she still has some tremors from the potassium deficiency she suffered, she seems to be slowly turning the corner. At her peak in the hospital her creatine level was a 10.6, which went down to a 10.2 a day later and was a 7 when she was discharged yesterday. 2 is normal, and she had been at or around 3 for the past two years. We have been trying to keep her drinking to speed the process of creatine excretion, but she may have permanent damage from this episode. We will see in a few days where this is headed.

We are happy she is at home and comfortable. :(

Bastet really sick

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Bastet started acting very strange last night, and was worse this morning. Took her to the vet, and they found she was in acute renal failure, dangerously dehydrated, and suffering from potassium deficiency. Then they discovered the kidney stone on xray. She is in kitty intensive care now, but her battle with kidney disease is not turning out so well.

This is for my kitty, who is not on my lap right now :( I need to go cry.

we love you bastet

w00t! I get a degree!!

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It is now official: I have my first college degree. Oh yes, there will be champagne tonight!