Vacation Recollections Part 3: Great Falls to Seattle

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This is part three of a series of recollections of our summer trip. If you want to see the set of pictures that cover this part of the trip, click here.

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Monday June 27th, Day 7
People were leaving from Carol’s at this point. Thalia and Anna took off before we even woke up… I think they wanted to make it back to Denver before nightfall. We cleared out of there as fast as we could have, headed for Missoula. Scott left just before us, in his massively loaded down Land Rover. We pass Scott on the side of the road about 20 minutes south on the I-15. We almost turned around, but we figured he had it under control. Soon we were back in the gorge, at which point we exited at Wolf Creek and headed up the 434. If you ever get a chance to take this road, it is highly recommended. This has to be some of the most spectacular foothills terrain in this part of Montana. Soon we meet up with the larger glacial valley and take a left onto the 200 towards Lincoln.

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I am a nerd.

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It’s official:

I am nerdier than 93% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Vacation Recollections Part 2: Jeff and Kara get Married

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This is part two in a series of recollections from our summer trip.

First read part one.

June 24, Day 4:
We woke on the morning earlier than anyone else. Thalia and Anna had arrived pretty late, and being the second party to arrive got one of the renovated rooms, so they were sleeping in (in their nice new bed, deep inside a dark room, insulated from the early sunrise that Iris was tuned into). It is amazing, coming from a lower latitude to a higher, how IMMENSE the day length change is from season to season once you get north of 35 degrees of north longitude. In Great Falls, the sun was rising at 5:30 and setting at 21:30 on this day. In San Diego on the same day, sunrise was at 5:45 and sunset was at 20:00. That is an hour and 45 minutes difference ( see here). So regardless, we were up early and woke up Carol. Carol was frantically trying to get Rhubarb Crisp (yum) made up for the pre-wedding picnic that evening.

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Summer Vacation Recollections Part 1: San Diego to Great Falls

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This is part one of a series of recollections of our summer trip, told by me (Daris) from both my recollections and our journal , which was mostly Liz’s handiwork. If you want to see the entire photo series for this section of the trip, click here.

Leaving is always a special time in any vacation. At some point in the leaving process, you get to a point of no return, where you are definitely either emotionally, physically, or financially engaged in the act of vacationing. After that, the rest is magic.

Day 1: June 21st
For us, we woke up with the alarm set to 3:45AM. I know this because when we got back home it was still set at this time. Kind of a cruel reminder of how much I wanted to get the F out of Dodge that morning. The plan was to leave at 4:30, but we ended up leaving at 4:45, planning to take the I-15 to Cedar City, UT. Whatever, we were on the road. Iris fell quickly back asleep.

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