One pleasant night in Missoula… thank heaven for ethernet in the hotel room!

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We are now in Missoula staying at a hotel that has high speed internet in the hotel rooms. Quite a luxury. I do not have a lot of time to write a blog post, but if you check out the gallery page for our trip, you will see the pictures we have culled from the first week or so. Need sleep. Hopefully I can get more stuff up around the fourth at my dads place in Seattle.

Leaving in a few hours!

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Only 11 hours left until we make like a tree and leave!

If you are checking here for updates on our journey, soory we have none yet. Check back soon.

If you want to bookmark the gallery pace where you can see pictures of our trip, bookmark this link.

Here is a picture of the car all loaded up for those that are curious:

Car packed and ready to go!

San Diego Community College District makes me mad

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I have come to realize that SDCCD sucks over the past few weeks. It is not the teachers. Not the students. No, none of these things.

I am mad because it is June 17th and I still do not know what classes I have to sign up for in the fall.

One would think that posession of an online system that listed classes offered would be used to its maximum potential. My college does posses such a system. I have had no reason to hate this system until recently. Recently meaning the weeks since the spring semester ended. Weeks. Plural. And I still cannot plan what classes I need to enroll for, because my college has not posted this information onto their website. Wait, I pay to attend this college. This is MY website and MY information.

Realize these facts:

  1. Most teachers are already on vacation. If I was a teacher I would want to know what I would be teaching next semester before I left for vacation. This is especially true for college teachers, I would argue it is a virtual requirement.
  2. Grades were posted on June 6th for spring semester
  3. Previous semester grades are required in most cases for enrolling in classes for the next semester

That being said, there should be no reason that I should be prevented from enrolling at this very minute. However, I cannot even find out what classes are being offered in the fall yet because my college sucks.

I became incensed last weekend and made it my crusade to scour the internet to find out what the deal was. Someone else MUST be as pissed off as I am about this. I was able to track down this document, which appears to be an official planning document for the creation and release of all scheduling for fall 2005. There are a few areas of interest in this document:

  1. The final version of the schedule was uploaded to a web server on May 6th at 5 PM.
  2. All final corrections to this schedule, prior to sending off the schedule for hard copy printing, were completed before May 20th at 5 pm. This version is the same one internet-challenged students will use to register for classes in the later summer.
  3. The schedule is to be posted on the internet on June 20th. No time is provided.
  4. This means there are 31 days between the final revision of the schedule and when it is to be posted for student use.
  5. Nowhere does it mention any revisions being permitted in this 31 day period.

Ok, this is what really pisses me off. I am about to leave on vacation. I am probably not alone in this. As a matter of fact, some of my classmates may have already left for vacation. Some may not return until August, like me. Yet I still do not have a clue what my priority registration date and time are, and even if I did, I have no clue what classes I have to register for.

My suggestion for the SDCCD instructional services department is to use the online class schedule as the master working document for all schedule changes. This means that potentially you could have portions of the schedule up well before the end of the semester, but I think the students are intelligent enough to deal with this.

As a side note, it would also be extremely helpful if teachers were required to report required textbooks for each course and make this infirmation available to students before classes begin. This is controversial, but in my opinion is going to be a hot button topic across the nation as textbook prices continue to defy inflation.

Trip Schedule

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We are very close to leaving on our trip… we depart Tuesday before dawn. Once we are gone we will probably not be posting here as often for obvious reasons. But before we go and become bandwidth-challenged, we wanted to deposit in the public domain as much of our itinerary information as possible. Here are the days and places we have planned:

Remember, for an up-to-the-minute status of where we are, call (and listen to the message) 858-442-2253 (Verizon IN, in case it is free for you).

oh and…

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… did I mention all the fragging packing we have left to do?