Pictures up for April and May

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Pictures from April available here.
Highlights from this month are a visit to the beach and Laura Kokaisel’s visit.

Pictures from May available here.
Highlights from may include Mothers day and some cute pictures of Iris being a crabby crab.

More calmly now…

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I could not have been more lucky. Yes, I got an A in my calculus class. Read more

Lucky Man

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OMFG!!!1!!1!! I GOT TEH A IN TEH CALCULUS!!1!11!!111


As the finals wind down…

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Ahhh the pleasant release of frustration that finals week brings. The hardest of my three finals was last night: calculus 3… three is for three hours long. Tonight is world history: two five page essays in under two hours. Saturday morning at 8 is my spanish final… nothing too hard there except vocabulary and translations. Read more