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I remembered this while playing Kitten Cannon… So on tuesday I took Iris to the art museum, and afterwards we swung by the Botanical Building. It was cold and rainy, but the pitcher plants were blooming in the bog garden. I asked a botanist who was there watering the plants if the pitcher plants bloomed like this often, and she said they did this every year about this time. Anyways, then a boy, maybe ten years old, asks her why they do not have Venus Flytraps anymore. She said point blank that they died because little kids like him touched them too much. Ha. I laughed about that one.

Pictures up now

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After a snafu that resulted in an entire card’s worth of pictures being destroyed from Iris’s birthday, we have collected enough pictures to complete some semblance of a coherent album. You can see the entire gallery here.

We also have pictures of our spring break trip to escalante as well. Read more